3 Tips To Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and it’s time to spring clean. No one really likes the word, clean. I’ve never heard anyone say OMG I just can’t wait to clean my house today. So instead of saying clean let’s use de-clutter.

Decluttering is more of a cleansing in my eyes than a job (like cleaning is). Decluttering gives you a refreshing feeling and takes pressure off by completing those daunting task that you were supposed to complete weeks ago.

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The Art of the Delete Party

Before you can get your delete party into full effect you must first understand that a delete party is strictly to remove people that are not adding value or just no longer needed in your life. 

It’s a party which means it’s time to get your girls together, the music playing, the wine poured, and your phones out so that you can get the most out of your party. 

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5 Suzy Homemaker Tips | XoxoSharena

1. Make your roses last longer with bleach- If you have used your flower food packet that comes with the roses or if you just simply lost the packet. Use a cap full of bleach to make your roses last. Pour a cap full of bleach in the lukewarm water in your vase. Cut your flowers an inch from the bottom of the stem diagonally and place the roses in the water. Replace the water daily.

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