3 Tips To Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and it’s time to spring clean. No one really likes the word, clean. I’ve never heard anyone say OMG I just can’t wait to clean my house today. So instead of saying clean let’s use de-clutter.

Decluttering is more of a cleansing in my eyes than a job (like cleaning is). Decluttering gives you a refreshing feeling and takes pressure off by completing those daunting task that you were supposed to complete weeks ago.

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Girl Talk: Setting Expectations In Your Relationship

One reason why women end up unhappy in a relationship is that we don’t set expectations. For some women, we set expectations, get comfortable, and let our expectations go by the wayside. 

When I say expectations, I’m speaking about those things that we want our mate to do rather it be to take care of our cars (so that we don’t have to), write little love notes, hold the door open for us, keep fresh flowers in the house (because you love flowers), or maybe even to help around the house (because you work just like he does). 

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Girl Talk: What is Sex?

Yes, we know the physical definition of sex and because of that, I’m sure you think as though that’s all it is. Well, my love, I’m sorry to inform you that that’s just one part of it, the fun side, the upside to it. Now I know when you were in elementary you were taught about opposites so I’m positive that you know if there is an upside then there is a downside. If there is a fun side there is a not so fun side. 

Basically, what I’m saying is there is a truth to sex that I hope you are ready for. Please take that as a friendly warning if you decide to keep reading. 

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Girl Talk: Dear Necole,

Dear Necole,

I write this letter to inform you that you are not alone. We deal with depression also, and to be honest, when you are a creative, depression tends to come with the territory. It’s not something that we speak about much and definitely not in the black community, but it’s real. 

It’s real but yet it’s ignored or mislabeled. It’s the reason why some turn to drugs to numb themselves or commit suicide. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer in silence, not knowing how to talk about it or who would understand. But because of your courage to be vulnerable, we too can speak out and face it head-on. 

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The Art of the Delete Party

Before you can get your delete party into full effect you must first understand that a delete party is strictly to remove people that are not adding value or just no longer needed in your life. 

It’s a party which means it’s time to get your girls together, the music playing, the wine poured, and your phones out so that you can get the most out of your party. 

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Question of the day: Are you working on your mindset?

Personal development is one of the most important things you need to work on in business.

Let me explain why personal development is so important while sharing my own situation. Years back, I started a blog and a YouTube channel and as crazy as it sounds I wasn’t really ready for massive success. I was putting in the time and effort but really I wanted to stay behind the camera rather than in front of it. So I stopped the YouTube channel mainly because I’d rather hide in the background and not in the forefront.

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Girl Talk: My Truth, When The Encourager Loses Her Encouragement

Once upon a time there was a girl that had big dreams, goals and aspirations. You couldn’t tell her that life wasn’t about to take off for her. Throughout her twenties, she just knew that if she kept a “can’t stop won’t stop” Diddy attitude at all times, she would have everything she ever dreamed of.

Then life happens and she had a baby, she struggled, she didn’t know if the lights would be on somedays. She would be in situations where she just hoped that she could make it home from work because the gas light was on and she had no money to purchase gas. Eventually, the relationship ended and the fighting between parents began. 

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