5 Lessons to Learn From: Fashion Nova

It seems like everyone is talking about Fashion Nova right now. Everywhere I go someone brings up the retail store, when I go on social media I see their clothing and once I end up getting caught up in a conversation with my sister about this boutique I started to look a little closer at what it took for Fashion Nova to become what they are today and how they took over our social media timeline. 

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Girl Talk: Insecurity in Men

It may not be the most popular topic but when you go through a few relationships and date a few men you realize that men have insecurities just like women. The only difference is that men’s insecurities are more hidden, buried, and tend to pop up when put in the right situation.

I remember back in college, I guy I was dating tend to have an issue with my jeans and what I wore. Well I’m bottom heavy and have a butt (all natural, no Dr. Miami needed) and even though I was decently dressed it takes layers to really hide your butt. Oh and, did I say that it was at the beginning of the semester and technically still summer. WHO IS LAYERING UP IN THE SUMMERTIME, WHO?

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5 Reasons Why I Love Shopify

Notice how the title says “5 Reasons Why I Love Shopify” feel free to put emphasis on “I love”. Not what I researched or someone told me but reasons why I (she, me, her) loves some Shopify for boutiques. You can Google and get comparisons of different platforms like I have and every time I research I think I’m really looking for something better but nothing tops Shopify.

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5 Suzy Homemaker Tips | XoxoSharena

1. Make your roses last longer with bleach- If you have used your flower food packet that comes with the roses or if you just simply lost the packet. Use a cap full of bleach to make your roses last. Pour a cap full of bleach in the lukewarm water in your vase. Cut your flowers an inch from the bottom of the stem diagonally and place the roses in the water. Replace the water daily.

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Girl Talk: Are You Subscribed to Him Like You Are Subscribed To Netflix?

Dating can be fun and exciting at the beginning. You know when you just met each other, going on dates, having shallow conversations, and both of ya’ll representatives are working full time.

Well, eventually your representatives clock out and the real you stands up. The real him comes out and you see who he really is and not who he has pretended to be.

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Girl Talk: Is Your Head Space Overcrowded?

What is your head space filled with?

You may watch a lot of television shows, Netflix series, and movies. Or maybe you read books and enjoy hours of social media. Whatever it is that you enjoy to do, is it overcrowding your head space?

Have those past experiences gotten comfortable and moved in? Or those men that you entertain, have they moved in and now are taken up head space.

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Girl Talk: What do you bring to the table?

“Find out what you have to give before you say look at me” Sarah Jakes Roberts stated these words in her sermon titled “Unleashed” and I couldn’t help but pause and sit on those words. 

As women we tend to get into relationships with guys we like on day 1 because of his looks, his characteristics, what he can do for us, or maybe the reason is because when you look into his eyes you see a whole future with him.

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Girl Talk: Are You Loving Yourself? #LevelUp

Last week, singer Ciara posted a snippet of a sermon from John Gray and added the caption of #LevelUp. Lots of single women were in their feelings about it so Ciara followed up with this post. 

Honestly, there comes a time when you have to re-evaluate your life and decide if you want more or if you are ok with where you are in life. It doesn’t really matter which side of the spectrum you are on, there is only one answer and that is to love yourself.

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