Girl Talk: Check Your Inner Circle, Sis

Inner Circle

Women love to do one thing, I mean we love to do a lot of things but there is one particular thing that we just looovveee to do and that is: talk. Our brains were designed to make us the communicators. We talk to the kids, our man, the pastor, our supervisor, strangers, dogs, squirrels, and whoever else will listen.

And even though it’s a blessing to have this communicating gift as a superpower if used incorrectly it can be a curse. We talk so much that we talk to people that we shouldn’t talk to, we talk to people that we shouldn’t let into our inner thoughts.

We talk to those friends or that toxic man and wonder why we feel so isolated, misunderstood, or not accepted and it feels like there is no one on our side.

The more you tell someone your inner thoughts, your business, your secrets, the more advantage you give them, over yourself.

These are signs that you have toxic people in your inner circle, here are 4 ways to identify whose toxic in your squad.

1. They gossip (ALOT)- You may be entertained with their gossiping hood stories about everybody you know but sis, if she’s discussing everyone’s business with you then she’s most likely telling all of your business to all of her friends.

2. They can’t keep a secret- If they gossip and tell everyone’s business then they most likely are telling all your secrets and information that you confided in them. If your secrets are coming back to you from people you don’t discuss your information with or if your secrets are brought to light to the wrong people at the wrong time for entertainment purposes then you may want to cut ties with that relationship.

3. Drama is their middle name- If she’s entertaining drama, encouraging drama, or in the middle of drama then that’s her truth, that’s who she is, love her from afar.

4. Their advice is always questionable- Sometimes you have to take a step back and really hear what a person is saying to you. Are they empowering and encouraging you in a positive way or are they leading you down the wrong path every time?

Toxic people bring toxic situations, throw things you have said back in your face, have drama around them, are draining, don’t give great advice, and talk entirely too much. These aren’t the type of people you want to talk to, but now I’m sure you are wondering who to talk to instead because you now realize that you are repeating the same cycles with your friends.

Who’s safe to talk to is God and supporting positive people. Please don’t think that since you have dealt with toxic people that everyone is the same way.

Once you have motivated empowering women around you that talk about coins, visions, ideas, and building each other up you will realize that not everyone is like the toxic people that you are used to.

What do you ladies think, have you dealt with toxic people? Add some characteristics below to help a sista out.

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