5 Signs That He’s Not Interested


According to the latest temperatures, I think it’s safe to say that cuffing season has or is about to come to a close. There may be a few that are still going strong but for those that are now receiving mix signals here’s 5 ways to know that he is not interested.

Or should I say that he’s no longer interested which may only be because of the increased temperatures:

1. He doesn’t return calls or doesn’t respond within a reasonable time-

If you’ve been hanging with him for a while you should know his routine and the way he handles his phone. Some guys keep their phones in their hands or by them and respond quickly to most text, others may set it down and walk away from their phones, never to return.

Sis, you know his habits. If you’ve been texting and he’s on all the social media platforms and making up excuses as to why he hasn’t responded back to your text.

He’s not interested boo

2. His words don’t align with his actions-

For about 7-8 months he has been a man of his word and now that the temps have increased is a brand new man that no longer stick to his word.

He’s not interested

3. He only sees or talks to you at night-

If dates are strictly for nights only. No breakfast date. No picnic dates. No quality daytime spent. Umm hun, that sounds suspicious.

But he’s not interested.

4. When he spends time with you and his phone is more important than the conversation-

Basically, pay attention to what he focuses in on when it comes to your conversation. As you’re talking about your day (because he asked) he is on his phone but when the conversation transitions over to sex he can give 100% undivided attention.

He only wants 1 thing AND he’s not interested.

5. He never takes your feelings into consideration-

Men can be selfish until they learn that they have to take a woman’s feelings and thoughts into consideration. If that never happens, it’s always about him and what he wants, when and how he wants.

Then he might very selfish OR he’s not interested.

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