Monday Motivation: Be Encouraged


Today I thought I was defeated. I thought that I was low, I thought that there is no chance of me winning this. There’s no chance of me overcoming this mountainous problem with low resources, empty-handed, and little to no confidence in myself. These are the negative things my mind tells me, these are the thoughts that stem from the fear that creeps up in weak moments and I start to believe them. And then I listened to Priscilla Shiver’s sermon and in that sermon, she told me that I serve a victorious God that fights my battles and Sarah Jakes told me that God works with your empty-handedness.

God does his best work with no resources. He is God, what resources does He need? The bible says God is strong when you are weak. Give it to God and he will work on your behalf you just need to be still, stay focused on Him, stay in the word, and believe.

So those negative thoughts stopped and that confidence started to build, and now the fun part; the work starts. Oh, you didn’t know there was work? Yes, ma’am, there is work to be done.

What’s the work you ask?

1. Be still- Not still like the yoga instructors way but like the Bible verse says which says be still and know that I am God. Now, this doesn’t mean freeze like we are playing freeze tag. It means to prepare yourself for what you are praying for and believe that since God is who He says He is, let Him work or battle on your behalf.

2. Stay focused- It’s so easy to get distracted today with smartphones, smart TVs, social media, and reality tv shows clouding our headspace, make it a point every day to turn everything off and get focused. Maybe you need to focus and pray, maybe you need to focus on your business, maybe you need to focus on your kids, whatever it is, focus.

3. Stay in the word- Meaning to read and study the Bible. Use the Blue Letter Bible app to really dive into the original meaning of words in the Bible. Repeat scriptures to yourself daily and sing worship songs.

4. Believe- I talk about the word believe in the Girl Talk podcast and how it’s in the Bible 143 times. The major key to life is to believe; if you don’t believe you will have then you won’t. If you believe you will have it, then you will.

Do this daily and healing will begin to happen, the pain will subside, clarity and instruction will come.

Every day will get easier, I personally repeat a bible verse or affirmations/declarations daily. Get a bible verse/affirmations/declarations to say to yourself daily this will help you throughout your days.

Be encouraged.

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