Girl Talk: Three Words a Man Wants To Hear That’s Not “I Love You”

i love you

We tend to think that men want the same things in a relationship as we do. So we go into relationships doing these things for our men because we know for a fact that he would like it or we think and assume that because we like it, he’ll like it.

But men and women are not the same and what women love to hear is not what a lot of men would tell you they want.

For example, we as women love to hear the words “I Love You”. That’s why it’s on jewelry, cards, shirts, balloons, and when Valentine’s Day comes around it’s on everything. Jewelry and candy companies know that just these three words bring a huge profit because of women.

However, when it comes to men, these three words don’t really move them like it moves us. I personally think that men just say it because we want to hear it. Which explains why some men use it so frequently to get what they want from women.

So if the words “I Love You” doesn’t really move a man, what words should you say?

After a long day of work when he comes home make him a great dinner filled with all his favorite foods. Now that his belly is full, his legs are up, and he’s good and comfortable. Tell him these three words; “I appreciate you” or be a little sweet with it and say “Baby, I really appreciate you”.

I promise you those three words are much more important to him than anything else that you could tell him.

I appreciate you says thank you for everything you do to provide, for being a father to our children, and being the man of the home.

Other than “I appreciate you” there are other words that a man loves to hear such as;

“You are doing great”

“You mean the world to me”

“Last night was amazing”

“I’m so into you”

“I don’t care what I have as long as I have you”

Ladies, try these words with your man and I’m sure you’ll start to see some changes within him, let me know how they work for ya.

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