Girl Talk: Your Response Is On Surveillance


As I get older I realize that your response to what life throws at you matters more than what happens to you. Here’s another way of saying it, what happens to you is being used to show you who you are.

So for example,  if your frenemy says something to you to trigger you to “pop off”, how are you going to respond? Or when your less favorite person is blessed with what you’ve been praying for in a way that was meant for you to see it, what is your response?

What if your response unlocked your blessing, secret treasures, or your next level of life? For those that remember playing Mario on the old Nintendo 64, you remember that you had to do everything on that level before you can go to the next level.

And what you collected on that level could help you on the next level.

What if that was life and your response to whatever comes to you at the end of that level determined if you went to the next level.

This is why some people no matter their age have been stuck on the same level for years.  They are stuck because they haven’t done the work to change old habits or behaviors. The same test will come to you in life and every time that you don’t pass the test you re-take it.

Would you respond differently to your haters,  your baby daddy,  your ex, your supervisor if your response was the key to unlock your blessings, secret treasures, and next level of life?

Tactics to respond differently

1. Walk away, End the call, Block messages- Don’t engage in the negativity! Walk away, find a way to end the call, and if you have to block people so that you don’t see their calls or messages, use Mr. Number app and start blocking people.

2. Drink water- My friend and I learned while working in a call center that you can’t respond or engage in negativity if you fill your mouth with water. You can’t talk with a mouth full of water and by the time you have filled your stomach with water, the last thing you will think about is the drama around you.

3. Break the habit of bad responses- In order to break your responses of bad habits you have to be present in the moment and realize how you typically respond. If your response starts with “first off” or clapping of hands you may be escalating the situation and not is going to change until your responses change.

I’m not going to act as though this is an easy task because it’s going to take awareness and much practice. But once you make the decision to make a change for the betterment of your personal development it gets much easier.

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