The Art of the Delete Party

delete party

Before you can get your delete party into full effect you must first understand that a delete party is strictly to remove people that are not adding value or just no longer needed in your life.

It’s a party which means it’s time to get your girls together, the music playing, the wine poured, and your phones out so that you can get the most out of your party.

Once you are ready to start, all you must do is simply start deleting!

What are you deleting, you ask? You are deleting your exes; that’s pictures and phone numbers, those fake friends that only hit you up to be noisy to ask for money/something, or those negative people that are not adding value to your life.

Deleting is not limited to just your contacts or pictures on your phone. Sorry to inform you but this delete party includes your social media accounts as well.

That’s right, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or whatever else you use. If you are following people that are not adding value to you OR if you are following people because you are being noisy and trying to keep track of what your ex-friend or ex-bae is doing, then it’s time to delete, sis!

The free feeling of letting go of unnecessary people that are taking away from you and not adding to you will become addictive. I promise you will feel like a weight has been lifted off of you. And with all the space that you just created on your phone, you now have room for more selfies.

That sounds like a win-win to me!

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