Girl Talk: Is Your Head Space Overcrowded?


What is your headspace filled with?

You may watch a lot of television shows, Netflix series, and movies. Or maybe you read books and enjoy hours of social media. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, is it overcrowding your headspace?

Have those past experiences gotten comfortable and moved in? Or those men that you entertain, have they moved in and now are taken up headspace.

Whatever it is that has made itself comfortable in your headspace, does it pay rent? Or has there been a return for the invested space that you so freely rented out because you thought that one day there would be a return?

It’s time to clean house,  sis! It’s time to hand out eviction notices! It’s time to clear out the unnecessary items that are just lingering around. Now is a great time to remove those numbers from your phone, erase text messages/emails, unfollow on social media.

And wait for it, waaiittt fooorrr it!! And delete photos! Photos that bring back memories, photos of your ex. Yes, I said of your ex, even if you were cute in them, delete them. That’s not the last cute pic you will take.

If it’s the music you listen to, change it. If it’s the tv shows that are crowding your headspace, stop recording them.

Today, or pick a day to shut off everything. Burn some candles, play uplifting music, clean your actual house, listen to some sermons, listen to some motivational speeches, and journal for the day.

How do you clear out your headspace? Leave a comment below.

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