Girl Talk: What is Sex?

girl talk

Yes, we know the physical definition of sex and because of that, I’m sure you think as though that’s all it is. Well, my love, I’m sorry to inform you that that’s just one part of it, the fun side, the upside to it. Now I know when you were in elementary you were taught about opposites so I’m positive that you know if there is an upside then there is a downside. If there is a fun side there is a not so fun side. 

Basically, what I’m saying is there is a truth to sex that I hope you are ready for. Please take that as a friendly warning if you decide to keep reading. 

You’ve probably heard of the saying that when you have sex with one person you are having sex with every person that they have had sex with. Well, there is a spiritual side to sex, and if we start with the fact that we are all spirits renting a body until death do us part then it makes more sense. Spirits transfer energy rather it’s negative or positive. So if a man had sex with 10 women of clean and unclean spirits then this man is connecting himself with 10 spirits which may have depressive characteristics, poverty mindset, Godly characteristics, and perverted characteristics. 

Now this man, because he has actually connected himself in a physical aspect to these spirits is now battling with things that he didn’t battle with beforehand. Now he’s having perverse sexual dreams, emotional battles, money issues, and yet a part of him is trying to do right all at the same time. It’s now a battle going on within him that he didn’t realize he signed up for. 

Two spirits in the act of sex come together in an act of worship. No matter what you believe you are worshiping someone in the act, God or Satan. This is why sex was supposed to be for the married couples only, however, even in the biblical days this rule wasn’t followed and because of that, there have been lots of consequences since way back when. 

So in a nutshell, sex is not just a physical act it’s a spiritually act as well. Basically, what I’m saying is that sex is the forming of two spirits (clean or unclean, good or bad) coming together as one. Two spirits come together to worship, either God or Satan regardless of how you feel about it. Every spirit that you have sex with is added to you and every spirit that they have sex with is added as well. 

Have sex responsibly! 

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