Girl Talk: Setting Expectations In Your Relationship

One reason why women end up unhappy in a relationship is that we don’t set expectations. For some women, we set expectations, get comfortable, and let our expectations go by the wayside.

When I say expectations, I’m speaking about those things that we want our mate to do rather it be to take care of our cars (so that we don’t have to), write little love notes, hold the door open for us, keep fresh flowers in the house (because you love flowers), or maybe even to help around the house (because you work just like he does).

Somewhere down the road, the relationship shifts and changes, this may happen because of work, children, sickness, or comfort. No matter what causes these changes we as women stop demanding that those expectations are done. Those expectations may coincide with your love language and can play into your unhappiness in your relationship.

I don’t want this to be one-sided, so ladies you are not off the hook on this topic. Yes, your expectations may or may not be met but there are some things that we tend to do in a relationship at the beginning, however, along the way we stop. You know, those little things you did because you knew he’d love them but maybe because of those few arguments you two had it changed your perspective of your relationship so you stopped.

There are two sides of the expectation spectrum; your expectations from your mate and his expectations from you. Both sides play a part into the unhappiness that you may feel when these expectations are not met.

What expectations have you thrown to the wayside over the years?

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