Girl Talk: What do you bring to the table?

“Find out what you have to give before you say look at me” Sarah Jakes Roberts stated these words in her sermon titled “Unleashed” and I couldn’t help but pause and sit on those words.

As women, we tend to get into relationships with guys we like on day 1 because of his looks, his characteristics, what he can do for us, or maybe the reason is that when you look into his eyes you see a whole future with him.

But do we really stop to think about what we can give in a relationship? I mean what we as women can really give, that doesn’t include body parts. Yes, you can provide a romantic night for two, that’s a given and honestly, that doesn’t set you apart from any other woman.

What else can you give? Can you give your heart or is it guarded because of past hurt by other men? Can you give encouraging words that will build your future King up in those moments when you don’t completely understand or see his vision at all?

Or is it difficult because you grew up around toxic relationships and all you know or have been taught is to tear down and kill visions, consciously or subconsciously?

There are moments in a single girl season when you have to sit back and really think about what you can bring to the table. This phrase doesn’t just include your financial stance but your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical stance as well.

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