5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Launch Page

You may have heard or read that when you are opening a boutique you need a launch page. Or maybe you haven’t heard or read that at all. Maybe this is your first time reading about this and as you read you are wondering what I’m talking about.

Well a launch page or a coming soon page is a page that you set up to inform your audience that your boutique or business is going to launch.

A Way To Communicate With Your Customers

1. This simple one page let’s your audience know you are opening a boutique. It’s a great way to communicate your launch date with your customers. Your audience will stay up to date and know when to expect your site to launch.

Explain What’s To Come

2. It’s also a great way to communicate what you will be selling once you launch. If you are creating your item or selling wholesale, you can type out 1-2 sentences to explain what to expect once your boutique has launched.

Create Excitement

3. Yes you can post on social media and fall in love with the likes. But a launch page shows that you are serious and creates real excitement for what’s to come. 

Show Off Your Prototype or Expected Item

4. This launch page that you will create is perfect for those that are creating their items. If you’re selling candles, t-shirts, hair care products, dresses, etc. a launch page is an awesome way to show off your product. Take a photo of one item and show it off on your launch page.

If you’re selling wholesale you can do the same thing. Just post a pic of one item even if you are planning to sell more to give your customers a visual of what’s to come.  

Collect Emails

5. And now we get to the real reason why you want to create a launch page. Yes, all four reasons above are great and very important but this reason is how you make money. A launch page is the best way to collect emails. I know, you’re thinking I’m opening a boutique why do I need to collect emails. 

You can make 30% more sells with email marketing. I hope that explains why you need those emails. People will follow your page, like your pics, some may even click on your link but how you really get and keep their attention is through emails. Why do you think JCPenneys, Forever 21, H&M, Michaels, and any other store you can think of, ask for your email at the register, because emails is where the money is.

If nothing else, I hope number 5 is reason enough to create your launch page. If you like this blog and want more inside info join the tribe below.