5 Reasons Why I Love Shopify


Notice how the title says “5 Reasons Why I Love Shopify” feel free to put emphasis on “I love”. Not what I researched or someone told me but reasons why I (she, me, her) loves some Shopify for boutiques. You can Google and get comparisons of different platforms like I have and every time I research I think I’m really looking for something better but nothing tops Shopify.

Shopify Is Created With The Boutique Owner In Mind

1. Now I’m saying this because I’ve used and still using Shopify as my boutique’s website platform. And honestly, they have really thought out every so that their platform works perfectly for the online entrepreneur.

One Platform with 4 sales channels

2. If you want to sell through Shopify, Facebook, offline, or Messenger you have the option. So what that means is that you can sell through more than one platform and reach 4 times the amount of people to sell your products.

Downloadable apps

3. The downloadable apps are major key! Apps like SmartStreet, which is an address verifier so that you are not shipping to the wrong address because your customer made an error and hit the wrong button. Or Order Printer which created your receipts to print out for your customers and saves you hours of time.

Multiple merchant options

4. Having multiple merchants is more important than you think. Yes, a lot of people rock with PayPal but there is a lot that does not and would like the option to purchase with their credit card without going through PayPal. So having the option to have other merchants connected to your website such as Stripe is essential.

It’s extremely easy to use

5. Did you hear me? It’s extremely easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert to get your website started. You don’t need to research html codes to get started. You just simply need a little patience to play with the platform (during the 14 day trial is the best time for this) so that you get used to Shopify and where everything is that you need. You know, like walking into a new kitchen for the first time, you need a minute to learn the layout.

If you are ready to start your online boutique with Shopify get started today with the 14-day trial.

If you need more information about how to start your boutique, Slay Your Dream Boutique is a 6-day crash course that will teach you all the information you need to start and sustain your boutique.

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