5 Lessons to Learn From: Fashion Nova

It seems like everyone is talking about Fashion Nova right now. Everywhere I go someone brings up the retail store, when I go on social media I see their clothing and once I end up getting caught up in a conversation with my sister about this boutique I started to look a little closer at what it took for Fashion Nova to become what they are today and how they took over our social media timeline.

Know Where To Find Your Target Market

1. Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian knew where want to find his customers: Fashion Nova’s Retail Analyst tells Vice.com “Instagram is so visual, and it’s ripe for retailers to have direct access to their customers,” says Gabriella Santaniello, a Los Angeles–based retail analyst and founder of A Line Partners.

Fashion Nova may be on other social media networks but their main focus is on the visual platform, Instagram to show off their items on their models and their influencers.

Keep up with today’s trends

2. They keep up with today’s trends: “overpriced fashion is dead and fast fashion is the new trend.”  “If you go to a hairdresser nowadays, no one cares about magazines anymore. They only want a phone charger so they can look at their feed, right?” he says. “Before, people were looking for fashion trends on the runway, but I think the runway is kind of dying. People are going to their feed, and they want to buy what is on our feed and what is on our 3,000 influencers’ feed. We’re giving them what they want.”

Fashion Nova noticed the digital shift. Over the years we have gone from watching TV and reading magazines for our information to jumping online to get the latest information in seconds. He also noticed that people aren’t looking to the runways for fashion trends, we are now going to social media to put together our outfits.

Know Your Customer

3. Know your customer: When the CEO is asked about his customer he can tell you that “The Fashion Nova woman is a confident, beautiful, and stylish presence,” he continues. “She is proud of her body and loves to let her personality shine.”

Once you are able to define your customer you can piece together every detail of your business around “her”. Color, website aesthetics, social media connection, inventory, every detail is to cater to your customer.

Solve a Problem

4. Solve a problem: “Fashion should never be limited to size, We saw a market that was being neglected and we decided to act on it,” says Saghian.

Saghian is completely right, us curvy girls have struggled for years to find jeans that fit us right without getting them tailored. This market has been out there for years, Richard Saghian spotted this market and seized the opportunity to solve our problem.

It takes time

5. It takes time: Fashion Nova is a brick and mortar business that opened 10 years ago but it took about 7 years for them to open an online store. And it took 3 more years after opening their online store to hit 6 million Instagram followers.

Believe or not, we like the idea of an overnight success but honestly, it takes time. Fashion Nova started 10 years ago and I’m sure they have had some success along the way but with picking up on a few keen needs of their customers, paying attention to trends, knowing their customer along with where to find them they have become what they are today. It takes time, hard work, and determination to make your vision succeed.

Quotes from Essence.com and Vice.com

Photo via Fashionnova.com