Question Of the Day: Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset or an Employee Mindset?

The thought of having your own business can be exciting. The freedom of working for yourself and not clocking in to someone else’s business every gets a lot of people ready to start their own business. But before you quit your job or start putting money into a business ask yourself, do you have an entrepreneurial mindset or an employee mindset?

You’re probably thinking why did I need to ask myself this question I know I am an entrepreneur. Well, because working for yourself or from home is a huge trend and everyone wants to get in on the life they see on Instagram not realizing there are a lot of things that you not see as well. 

Once you’re an entrepreneur, no one is going to call to see why you are not working, no one is going to question your sales, no one is going to call to make sure your daily sales are met or question you if they are not. If you need information there will no one manager or supervisor to turn to to answer your questions or guide you through what you don’t know to do. You are completely on your own. 

As an employee, you are told your job description, your expected time to show up, your benefits, your PTO time, what to wear, and even given the equipment needed to do your job. Someone is also there to answer questions, to push you to make your goals, to question you want being late or not doing what you expected of you. Basically what I am saying is there is always a higher up that is there to keep you on track and to make sure you are doing what is expected.

As an entrepreneur you have to be a self starter, you have to be able to get the answers you are looking for. You are paid from your results not hours. There is no PTO (paid time off), you have to make an effort to take your needed time off. And you are expected to do everything from administrative work to social media marketing at least until you can hire help. Lastly, there are no set hours, you can set the hours that you answer emails and calls. But it’s a huge possibility that you may work late nights and early mornings to get your business where you want it to be. You’ll have to budget, cut cost (which may mean reducing your pay), and do some smart investing.

There is a difference between being an entrepreneur and an employee. Ask yourself and really think this through before making any moves.

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