Does Your Website Have These 5 Things?

Starting your online boutique is exciting. You’re getting your inventory together, your online boutique setup, you’re shouting it out to the word to create excitement. But you want to make sure that when the people come and the business starts pouring in that your website is working for you and NOT making more work for you.


1. You need the basics such as strong security so that your website is secure and your customers purchase from your website without being hacked. Have you noticed that some websites have https or http as their website domain. Technically if your website/ blog has http is an okay website however if you are selling items you want your website to be https. Https websites have an extra layer of security called “SSL” stands for secure sockets layer which makes it safe to input your information in that website.


2. Having downloadable apps can make your life even easier. This is my favorite part about having a great platform. Just like your smartphone has an app store so does your website platform, now every app is not free however there is a lot of helpful apps that are free or a low cost. Here is a few that I use on Shopify: Order Printer, Mailchimp, and Smart Street- Address Verification.


3. To boost your traffic having a blog for your boutique can do that. No one wants to have a store on one platform and a blog on another website to juggle daily. Having a blog on the same platform helps your customers stay on your website longer and most customers will leave without going through your store. Having it all together, gives your customers less work to do.


4. An express Paypal option which is a is way to provide security to your customers that will only make purchases through Paypal. Keep in mind this is a two way street for all the people out there that loves Paypal and will only make Paypal payments there is also the same amount of people that will not use Paypal and are okay with making a payment through your website.  


5. And lastly, having a print shipping labels option is very helpful. One thing you don’t want to do daily is create a shipping label for every order. That’s too time consuming, I understand that you could create a template and just adjust it every order but that’s time wasted. Your platform should have this already built in to help your business run smoothly.

If you have questions or comments, add them below.