Question of the day: Do you have a fear of success?

Believe it or not the fear of success is a thing. I know you’re probably wondering what is the fear of success and who would fear success. The fear of success is not really about the fear of being successful it’s more about fearing what comes with success.

You know the trolls, being in the forefront, or maybe the fear that your life will change, or you will become a different person. It’s hard to believe that you would have something such as the fear of success when that’s what you’re working so hard for but there are a few ways to identify if you suffer from the fear of success.

Here are 3 symptoms of the fear of success:

1. Procrastination- Consistently procrastinating and not preparing in advance for the task at hand. 

2. Self-destructive behavior- Violence, alcohol, drugs, or partying a lot are a few examples that show that you are self-destructing and not focused on your goals and succeeding.

3. Self sabotage/Self doubt- Self sabotage can also go with procrastination. Creating unnecessary obstacles or doubting your ability to succeed are also signs that you have a fear of success.

If you do these or all three the first step to overcoming is to acknowledge that you have a fear of success. Think back to things that people have said to you about money and success and write them out and then write out the truth next to the myth.

For example: Money doesn’t grow on trees (this comes from a mindset of lack). So write next to it, I have access to an abundance of money (a mindset of plenty). Or successful people get their success by doing bad things to become successful. And change that to hardworking and determined people become successful.

You can even make those truths your daily affirmation that you read to yourself every morning. My favorite thing to do is write it on my bathroom mirror and repeat it out loud every morning. 

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