Question of the Day: Are You Listening to Podcasts to Grow Your Business?

I have been listening to podcast for years now and have gotten so many tips and tricks that have helped me not only with business but with finances and life in general as well. Instead of listening to the radio I’d rather listen to podcast while driving or while cleaning around the house. And that brings me to my question of the day. Are you listening to podcasts to grow your business?

If not, is it because you don’t know which podcasts to listen to or you don’t know how to listen to them? No problem, I can help you with that today with a list of podcast that you need to get into. 

So first let’s talk about how to even listen to podcast. You can go to everyone’s website and play them from there but if you are on the go that may not work with you and your data plan. There are apps that you can download to listen to podcasts right from your phone. For example; Soundcloud, Podomatic, Itunes, and Podcast Addict. You have to find out what network the podcaster uses and that will let you know where you can listen to their podcast.

Here’s a great tip: Download Podcast Addict, this app will pull up just about any podcast no matter where it’s uploaded to. I have a list 12 podcast that I listen to on this app and I want to say that there was only 1 podcast that I couldn’t find on this app.

If you need a few podcast to listen to, I can help with that. Myleik Teele’s podcast is awesome for those needing raw uncut relationship, business,and entrepreneurial advice. I’ve been listening to her podcast for years, you can listen to her recent podcast and interviews and get great information or you scroll to some of her old podcast and the information is still relevant today. 

Black Girl Boss Podcast is a newer own with about a handful of podcast geared to help the millennial entrepreneur reach their goals and run their business. SideHustlePro, 

Hustle and Stilettos, and WERKprayslay have great interviews and tidbits that you will most definitely need to grow your business. 

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