Customer Service Skills: Say My Name, Say My Name

You can create a beautiful website, have the baddest inventory, build the dopest empire, and have the most innovative marketing strategy that would make Apple jealous.

But if your customer service is poor, your business days are numbered.

I’m sure you’ve seen or experienced bad customer service from a company you loved and expressed every bit of your feelings on social media. Well business-wise, that’s not only bad business but it costs.

A happy customer may only tell 1 person about how satisfied they are with their service but an unhappy customer will tell up to 10 people about how bad their service was.

It takes twice as much money to gain a new customer as it does to just keep a customer that you’ve done business with.

There are a number of ways to build a great friendship with customers while practicing great customer service skills but today we are going to focus on one major way and that’s by saying your customer’s name.

Don’t you love when you walk into a business and they speak to you by name? Getting to know your customers by name creates a personal experience. It makes the customer feel as though they are not just a number or just an order but a valued customer.

How you can implement this tactic in your online business is by making sure that your emails address your customer by name. You can send personalized thank you notes, messages, or valued customer letters addressing your customer by name.

Getting to know those that consistently send messages or comment on social media will also create a more personalized experience as well.


Up to 60% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. 

This basically means that customers will pay more if you have better customer service. Being able to increase the pricing of your products simply because you offer amazing customer service also increases your bottom line.

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